Razor back story

Razor lived in an orphanage in Manehattan. It was a horrible place that really didn’t care for the foals. All they cared about was the financial kick back they for “caring” for them.  The place was so depressing that Razor packed up all of his things and ran away in the night.  He prayed to Luna to keep him safe at night. On his travels he found out that in his family tree there used to be family that lived in Ponyville.  He also heard that Ponyville is a nice pace where that’s friendly and everypony know everypony.  With that he set out to Poneville in hopes that if he didn’t find a trace of his family that he  will at least live a better life there than at the orphanage .


Update: Razor has had a few time where he has exibited unusual characteristic that were almost " dragonlike " he keeps the information secret hopeping to find a pony that would understand him .


 ((Note: more will be post as soon as it is needed to know for Razor's futher character development  If you disagree with my method  click here http://tinyurl.com/7b245ov))