The return of the Cyber Pony

For the residents of a rather out of place, modernist house with attached cloud loft in the residential district, surprise may be in store when the receive a letter addressed to them. For the past six months or so the house has been rented out from the landlords, a C. Hooves and V. Star, who have been absent from Ponyville since the beginnings of the terms of rent. The letter addressed to the residents reads thusly:

   "Dear all,

I am writing to you to inform you of a few changes in the rent policy established before we left. As of receipt of this letter, the house and the land it occupies are the propertly of all current residents, for dividing and sharing as anypony sees fit. There is no charge for this change in ownership, and as you will note, the deeds to this property are enclosed with this letter. Thank you very much for your time spent here, and I hope you get a lot of use out of the house. Take care and good luck to you all.

Yours Truly,

C. Hooves

P.s. No, this is not some crack call or joke, everything is legal and written up. I'm not sure who lives here anymore and what's happened to the space. If needs be it can go up for general auction as to who wants it. Aside from that I personally will be by in the next few weeks to collect some possessions belong to my sister and myself. Take care everypony."


On a different note, with the emergence of the Equestria rail network, someponies may have seen the new railway yard and sidings located towards Sweet Apple Acres, for dealing with moving for freight and cargo to and from Ponyville. One of the sidings however is currently occupied by two large passenger coaches, that seem to have been converted into mobile accomodation. Remember colts and fillies alike, do not play near the railway yard as it can be a dangerous place, but feel free to visit the new residence of Cyber. Ciao for now