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Site rating: PG

Age restriction: You must be 13 years or older

General Fillydelphia My Little Pony Roleplay Rule

  1. Keep the roleplay as much like MLP the show (in spirit) as possible.
  2. No Lethal force.  Nothing of a blatantly fetish in nature is allowed. No graphic depictions of sex or gore. No illicit drugs and substance abuse. (Reasonable alcohol and nicotine use are acceptable, provided no serious abuse of substance occurs.)
  3. Treat everyone with full respect and have a good attitude out of character. See here for some guidelines.
  4. If you need help with anything at all, ask a Moderator! It's okay to bring issues to mods, that is what they are there for.
  5. No posting of illegal materials, warez/viruses, anyone's personal or private information (without explicit consent), or other sensitive materials in the public chat or on the forum.


Chat Etiquette

  • No advancement or harassment in-character is allowed without express permission of both parties.  This includes aggressive forms of violence as well as romantic advances.  Failure to follow this may count as out of character harassment.
  • It's generally a good idea to ask all parties involved when joining a scene before hand, either via OOC or whispers. Not doing so may interrupt things and upset players involved.
  • Powergaming, godmodding, and altering or controlling another person’s character is generally looked down upon.  Repeated instances may deter people from playing with you.  Targeted instances may be considered as out of character harassment.


Canon Character Policy

  • No romantic or close relationships, implied or not with Canon Characters, at all. ( e.g. No shipping/best friending your OC with: Mane cast, Princesses, CMC, and Named Recurring Characters). No pre-existing relationships of any kind with Canon Characters, unless you have been given permission by the player of that Canon Character.
  • You must be chosen to play a Canon Character. Talk to a moderator for more information. Here is a list of Cannon Characters. Moderator are character with italic names.
  • Do not harass somepony who is playing a canon character in any way. This includes asking them to switch and let you play with them, trying to move them into your scene, or anything else that would be considered annoying.


Character Policy:

  • Each character will require a brief appearance description, in the character's profile page.
  • Each Player will require at least one of the follow: Earth Pony, Unicorn pony or Pegasus pony, before making any characters of another species.
  • Character designs are subject to review by moderation if they are deemed unfitting to Rule 1. See details here If you have any idea or designs that are against what the show have told us, please ask for approval first. See a rough list of our common show interpretations here. It would be a good idea to talk to us if you find yourself disagreeing  majorly with any of those.
  • If you are playing anything other than an Earth Pony, Unicorn pony, Pegasus pony, or another fairly normal creature, please ask for approval first! Click here for further character creation details.
  • Each Original Roleplay location ( i.e. house, store, other building, location in background)  will need to submit detailed information for approval. See map page for information.
  • No Photographic or Photo-realistic images in profiles. Artwork and original concepts not created by you cannot be used without permission from the owner/creator of the content. Friendship is Magic style ponies are obviously encouraged the most, but other drawn characters are acceptable. 3D rendering are usually acceptable. No autoplay music allowed in profiles.


PS: This is not a new rule but since it does not seem clear enough: Do not make characters you cannot play in the normal chat room. OOC character is not an excuse to make un-roleplay-able character


Room Policy:

The Wilds, Residential Area, The Hub, Twilight's Castle Surroundings, Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields, Canterlot, Appleloosa, Cloudsdale, Crystal Empire are our Regular roleplay rooms. Go here for a map

The Wilds is a dangerous room. Ponies generally don't live there, and stay away. Those that venture in, risk their safety in the face of monsters.

Game room is for special game, event, or some mini private session room

Other room is for general purpose event room or some mini private session room

Quiet room is whisper only.

Non-Canon / OOC Room is for hanging out, chitchat, discussing roleplay

Canterlot High See Equestria Girls: Rules and Guidelines


Gallery Policy

Keep it non-explicit! When in doubt, mark it Questionable! Off topic stuff are fine long as you keep most of your stuff Pony! See Gallery FAQ.


Forum Policy

Follow the rules on this page! Canon character Policy does not apply to Forum.

You can get a little more adventurous and creative with settings, as long as they still fit the style of the show. (Space is okay as long as it's Pony-style space)


Interactive Stories Policy

Follow the rules on this page! Canon character Policy does not apply to Interactive stories.


See About us section for list of people who manage this site.