Season 4 Continuity Merge!

Hey yall! From this point forward the events in the Season 4 opener are now canon and the site is no longer spoiler free regarding the first two episodes and all the events that have transpired have happened in the Fillyverse. This signals a return to our 'one day' continuity merges and the OOC room being the only spoiler area the day of each new episode's premiere. Any questions can be directed towards the Moderator team in chat, through PUBs or even in the section below, have fun and keep cool ponies!

See the Season 4 Discussion thread for information on how we deal with specific details and situation. Right now, We are going thru Epsiode 1. Since the next few Epsiodes doesn't really affect the universe too much, we are just going to merge them all at once at the end of this Season 4 opening event.