Skyblaze's Diary

Dear Diary,

It's been a while since I've written to you, but today I take quill in mouth to tell you about an amazing coincidence that happened to me.

Of all things, I found out that I have a brother! Isn't that great?

His name is Crescendo Kite, or just Kite to his friends, and he is part of the town watch in Ponyville.

It all happened when I was helping Pinkie Pie prepare for a party in town. I'd purchased some canvas for a banner and was taking it to Inkwell Tailbrush to have her paint some sort of design on it. Arcane Scholar, Kite, and I were working out the design, when Kite mentioned his cousin... Spitfire!

At first, what he said didn't really sink in. Not really thinking (as usual) I shrugged it off as a misunderstanding. After all, Spitfire was my cousin, not his. The conversation progressed, and... you know what, diary? ... remember that picture on the wall of my parents' house in Cloudsdale? In my mind it suddenly started to look an awful lot like a younger version of Kite!

I brought up my parents, Windwalker and Orchid, and Kite confirmed it. Those were his parents' names, too. I don't remember anything much after that. I think I fainted. All I know is that I woke up a little while later with Kite and Archie looking at me and asking if I was ok.

My mind was racing! I knew I had an older brother, as I'd seen that old picture and asked mom and dad about it. Dad told me at the time not to worry about it, but mom told me that he was my brother. I could tell that she was pained about it all, but being a young filly at the time I didn't want to get in trouble over it so I dropped it. I guess in the ensuing years I pushed it out of my mind.

Kite and I spent some time catching up, and he told me that he left home after an argument with dad right before I was born. He'd never been back. Oh, diary, that tore me up inside! I remembered the look on mom's face when she told me I had a brother, and I could tell that Kite was upset about it as well.

Diary, I want to try to reunite the family, but I'm not sure how it will go. I've been turning it over in my mind, and I think the best chance for success is to talk to mom and dad first, to prepare them and to test the waters to see if a reunion is even possible.

I'll talk to Kite about it. Watch this spot, diary. One way or the other, this will be interesting!