SkySketch Studios

SkySketch Studios

Where: In SweetAppleAcres room

Owners:Skyflys and Sketches

Open: Tues-Sat, 11:00 - 20:00


SkySketch Studios is an art gallery, that sells and displays Skyflys and Sketches art. It's walls are covered with dawings and paintings of Sketches's art, and the floor has diplays of some wonderful glass art, by Skyflys! The prices vary on the art your interested in buying, but it's fair price for beautiful work! 


There will be classes held, specializing in drawing or glass blowing. The drawing class will be upstairs, and taught by Sketches. And downstairs will be a glass blowing class taught by Skyflys. Classes will be held once a week on Saturdays, 14:00. If you sign up, there is a five class package deal, the first class will be free of charge, if you are signing up for the first time. The rate is five bits a class, so if you are a first time student, you will only be charged 20 bits. If you sign up again, the rate for all five classes, is 25 bits. Only five students per class, so sign up quick! (PM Skyflys or Sketches if you would like to sign up) No refunds for missed classes, sorry.


On a the main show floor, there will be a blank wall, and some empty shelves. This is for any artist that would like to display their art as well in the gallery! Once a month we will have a featured artist who can sell and display some of their artwork at the studio, they are allowed to keep all profit from their sold art, and at the end of the month a new artist can have a turn. Rent for the space will be 50 bits, considering art usually costs quite a bit of money, you will have no trouble making up for the large cost, and even earn some profit. If, even you dont earn anything, your art would have still been displayed, and admired by all the ponies in Ponyville! Smile


If Skyflys or Sketches players are not online during business hours or a class, they will be BG. Classes and businesshours should still run on regular schedule.


(Not hiring at the moment)