Snow Games! Hearthswarming Event

Event Data: 
Fri, 2013-12-27 18:45 - 23:45

Hey everypony! You ready for some fun? Because we're gonna have some! There'll be snow ball fights and sled races, prizes for both, snacks in between, and lots of fun with friends!

If you want to come and join in, just show up at Sweet Apple Acres. You don't even need to bring your own sled but you can if you want that's fine too!

Date: 27th December (Server date)

Time: Starts, roughly 18:00 (Server time)

Location: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields

(More information on how the competitions will work, below. Please read those if you're going to participate.)


How to play: (Values may change but rules remain the same)

Snowball Fight - The snowball fight operates similar to Green Week. You roll chat dice using !1d6, posting your action as well as your declared target. Your target rolls the same way. If you roll higher than your target, you hit them with a snowball. If not, they manage to avoid it how they please. In the case of a draw, defender wins.
You will have a limited number of snowballs.
Target MUST be participating for you to be allowed to throw snowballs at them, do not attack people if they are not participating.

Sled Race - Similar to Running of the Leaves. All racers roll a !1d6, once per turn, (meaning you cant roll again until everyone else has rolled), and then again on the next turn, until a racer reaches 30 points, OR 20 turns pass, in which case those with the highest scores win.

For more info that you might need, send me a PUB in the chat or just whisper me when I'm on!