So Here I Am

A lot of you are probably wondering.. (OK, maybe one or two of you at most) why I've disappeared from chat this week even though I am still obviously around.

I would like to ask any of you if you have seen the movie 'A Knights Tale' where the knight's GF tests him by saying 'If you love me, you will lose the joust'.  That's similar enough but a bit more epic cuz I wish my life was cool like that.  Really its just that my wife is concerned that I have been staying up too late at night chatting and that makes me have issues with memory and attention span during the daytime basically having a ruinous effect on my life.  She blames the loss of my last job to that very thing.  So I have agreed to appease her by not logging into chat for one week to prove that I have the self-discipline to go through with the next step which is that I can chat again but never after 11:00 MST.  That woman is my Apple_Bumpkin because she is willing to put her foot down when I'm getting carried away with my leisure activities to the point of neglecting more important responsibilities and I love her dearly for it.

So here I am!  Posting in the forums and lurking via chatlog a bit here and there but not logging into chat for a week.  Thanks for your patience and understanding!