StarSwirl's Fantastically Magical Emporium

Will open February 6, 2012.


A smallish, rectangular shop located not far from The Night Side, crafted from stone.  A wooden sign arcs invitingly over the door--located in the center of one of the shorter walls--proclaiming to all passersby in brightly multi-colored letters that this is, indeed, "StarSwirl's Fantastically magical Emporium"...and looking, in general, a bit out of place on the rest of the building.  The door is oak, and has an intricate celtic knot carved into the door. The ceiling is made of long cedar shingles, slanted to shunt melting snow or rainwater away from the entryway off the sides of the building.  There are no windows.


The interior is brightly lit by small floating spheres which hover about like fireflies, floating aimlessly around the store. Despite their small size and their aimless floating, they are more than sufficient.  During the winter months, it isn't unusual to see an ornate and realistic ice-carving of a rosebush in the center of the store, the roses on the bush glowing a faint pink, adding to the ambient light of the room. Despite the ice sculpture and the lack of a fireplace, the building is always very comfortably warm, as if everypony were wrapped in their own personal blanket.


The reason for a lack of windows is also immediately apparent: There simply is no room. Shelves line the walls on either side of the room and take up the available wall-space on either side of the front door. The shelves are filled tightly but neatly with various magical implements, tools, and toys. One shelf is dedicated to various crystals, another has glass lenses, but most of the shelves are filled with bottles of every kind and shape. Many of them are of the smaller vial variety, and are filled with many different kinds of potions. Some appear to be empty, but are tightly corked and labeled with different kinds of spells. Some have herbs or other similar plant-matter in them. One entire shelf is filled with bottles containing berries, misteltoe, holly, and dried branches from evergreens; this entire shelf has a sign over it marked "Winter Rose", as if it were some kind of fragrance.


The back wall lacks any shelving; instead, it has a painting of the fabled StarSwirl the Bearded, smiling kindly down at ponies who bring their purchases to the counter by that wall. Some ponies swear they have seen that portrait winking at them as they pay for their purchases...