Stylish Stitches Re-Opening!

Bright blue posters with dark purple text can be seen posted all around Ponyville. There is a small blue business card stapled to the bottom right hand corner and a coupon that can be cut out on the bottom left corner for 25% off any purchase at the store. (With the exception of re-opening day, where you automatically get 50% off any purchase.)

The posters read:


                                                                    STYLISH STITCHES RE-OPENING!

That's right, folks! Your favorite custom-clothing store is back in business! And to celebrate, we're giving you 25% off ANY PURCHASE! Just cut out the coupon in the bottom left corner and show it to your cashier. At Stylish Stitches, you can custom order any clothes at all, for EXTREMELY low prices! Clothes are made quickly and with quality, often ready the very next day! Be sure to contact RainbowQuill (See business card) for more details, or if you are interested in making a purchase. Our hours are from 7:00AM to 8:00PM, and we are open even on Sundays. SPECIAL NOTE: The re-opening is scheduled to be on Monday, May 14th. Anypony who visits the shop on that day will not only get 50% off any purchase, but will get a discount on their next purchase! Be sure to tell ALL your friends about this great deal; It only lasts one day, and eveypony needs an outfit for the    SPRING FLING! So hurry in, before it's too late!


The business card reads: 



   Located in the Residential Area, by Carousel Botique. 

  Hours: 7:00AM-8:00PM ((Server time.))

Please contact RainbowQuill for more details.