Sweet_Tooths sugar farm

Located on the edge of the farmlands near the wilds. This is were the ponny Sweet_Tooth stays and works. The farm has not much to it all it has is a small barn, a small town house, and a field about 40ft long and 10 ft wide for growing sugar cane.

The house has only 5 rooms a living room a 2 bedrooms a bathroom and a kictien. The living room has only a wooden table and chair with window and 2 doors one leading to the front with a windo to its right and a door leading to the back. to the left of the Living room when you walk in is an open kiction with wodden cabnets with a wood fire stove and sink. to the opisot wall is a hall way leading to a bed room on eather side and the bathroom at the end of it. The bed rooms are only 5feat by 5 feet each one stays empty but the other has a bed both have only one window each.

The barn is a one floor barn only large enguf to house a cart that one pony can pull and a machen used to grind up the sugar cane in to sugar and put it in bags. Its also were the sugar bags are stored and were the press to make sugar cubes is.