Tea_Leafs Tea House

Owner: Tea_Leaf
Residents and/or Employees: Tea_Leaf, Damion_Page
Location/Room: In the Hub


Exterior Description: Looking like a stone cottage, the Tea House is a comforting, inviting place. There's a small patio area just to the left of the front door, where ponies can relax and enjoy their tea when it's nice outside.


Main Interior Description: Upon entering, the tea house is nice and cozy. A warm fireplace is built into one wall, granting warmth during the winter, and provide ambiance during the summer. The majority of the room is littered with low tables, chairs and soft cushions for ponies to lounge and relax in, allowing ponies to sit and enjoy their tea, while chatting with others, reading a book, or indulging in their own self-thoughts. The serving counter is placed along the rear wall, directly opposite of the entrance. Several shelves are set along the wall behind the counter, depicting several general tea-blends that are for sale. There is also a sound system incorporated through the shop, allowing ponies within to enjoy music. Anypony wishing to bring their own music in are welcome to do so, and Tea_Leaf will happily incorporare it into the rotation

Rear Storage and Development Area: This room is for employees only. This room contains numerous jars, containing everything used to create the different tea blends from fruits and nuts, to herbs and spices. There is also a small work bench, containing a stone mortar and pestle, a scale, as well as teapots and heating elements that allows for mixing and testing new tea blends. 


Upstairs: This upper area is where Tea_Leaf lives, allowing him to be close to work and open for business as early as needed.