Ty's Tunes



Location: Next door to Sun and Moon Therapy and Counseling Center ( Twilight's Library Surroundings.)

Time: When ever I needs to be open (as long as It's not to late )

Employees: Are NPC unless the following are here and are working that day: Titanium_Trance (owner ) , Slash (main employee)

Servicces:  Media Retail (Music , instruments, art supplies, cameras , Ect. ) and Repair 



The Front (before you walk in): On the left of the entrance doors, behind the glass window  is  a wonderful and well arranged  display it professional art equipment (Such as an easel and A cloth canvas with acrylic paint  ) and hoof crafted wooden classical instruments (such as a dark stained cherry wood violin, and light stained Oak wood cello  ). On the right of the door, also behind the glasswindow, is and arangement of Dj equipment and electronic instuments (such as an electic guitar and  state of the art dual truntables .)

Inside : the walls and ceiling are covered in displays of everything  from instrunments to art suplies to other media equipemt  (more will be added later )