A Very Special Collection of Beatles Songs

As some of you may have guessed, Orion (and me,  his player) are big Beatles fans. I've compiled a 16-track collection of their songs that either serve as a soundtrack to his and Raven's relationship, or could be sung by Orion about or to Raven. They are:


1. I've Just Seen A Face (Help!): Shortly after their first meeting.


2. It Won't Be Long (With The Beatles): Sung in chat after he received a letter from her explaining when she'll be home from vacation.


3. P.S. I Love You (Please Please Me): One of two songs running through Orion's head as he traveled to Trottingham the week leading up to the end of the Nightmare Moon plot.


4. Every Little Thing (Beatles For Sale): A song about how lucky Orion is to have Raven by his side.


5. If I Fell (A Hard Day's Night): Sung in char when he asked Raven to be his marefriend.


6. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (A Hard Day's Night): Probably played as an instrumental underscore when Orion and Raven returned to the Lunar Celebration to announce their engagement.


7. And I Love Her (A Hard Day's Night): Sung when Orion was recording demos for an LP.


8. All My Loving (With The Beatles): Another of the songs going through his mind when he was writing letters to her.


9. Till There Was You (With The Beatles): Hasn't been sung in chat yet, but it will be eventually.


10. I Saw Her Standing There (Please Please Me): Sung for the first time during the summer formal. It was originally dedicated to Sapphire, but subsequent performances such as at the private gig at Armwing Manor show he has long since dedicated it to Raven.


11. Good Day Sunshine (Revolver): Hasn't been sung yet, but it's on the list anyway.


12. From Me To You (Single, first album appearance was Past Masters): See #11.


13. Thank You Girl (Single, first album appearance was Past Masters): See #11.


14. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Single, first album appearance was Past Masters): See #11.


15. Something (Abbey Road): Sung in front of Hemlock the night she and Orion met, he dedicated it to Raven.


16. Real Love (Anthology 2): Sung to Raven as they journeyed to their honeymoon the day after their wedding.

If anypony has suggestions as to other songs to add, (solo work is allowed too!) leave a comment, and I'll add it to the list.