"Weekly Pony" #2

In this issue, you'll find:

- new threats of recents events.

- more about Rainbow Dash.

- Tartarus. Should we afraid?

- Open letter from Varien Quill himself.


Carousel Boutique Fire:

At about 4:00:00 GT on April 1, a huge fire erupted at Rarity's Carousel Boutique in the Residential area. The entire ground floor of the boutique was burnt heavily and the upstairs is currently unaccessible due to safety concerns about floor stability. Thousands of bits in merchandise were ruined along with a large order of dressware for VinMart and, of course, the property damage of 10000 bits. Several ponies were at the scene of the crime visiting or simply taking night strolls, and all helped put out the fire and rescue many of the cloth and clothing items. All of them were unavailable for comment. Rarity suffered greatly from smoke inhalation and passed out after rescuing her cat, Opal, and is currently recovering in the Ponyville General Hospital. Thanks to the efforts of the doctors and the visits from her friends, she is healing quickly. Is this the same sort of sabotage that afflicted 52nd and Mane, or simply a kitchen fire caused by an unattended stove? As of yet, no specific cause has been located, though Ponyville police and private investigators are on the scene attempting to uncover the mystery.

Wolves in the Everfree Forest?

Flying over the heavily wooded treetops of the dark Everfree forest, I could see the animals scurrying and random magical creatures like Pheonixes fluttering. However, what really struck me was the two wolves racing through the tree trunks. Not timber wolves, my little ponies, REAL wolves. Turns out that these two creatures were in fact ponies, Lupus Gravenstein and Sapphire Night.

AF) What's it like, being a wolf?
SN) "Much the same [as being a pony], but faster. I feel light and energetic.
LG) "The same! Being a pony is nice, but I feel more at home as a wolf."

AF) So, Lupus, did you create this spell, or simply master it?
LG)"I saw it in a book and experimented! After a few tries, I had gotten my cutie mark, but didn't notice until after I turned back."

AF) Are your senses any different, or your feelings?
SN)"I think so, I can smell everything and smelling them is kind of like seeing them."

Rainbow Dash "Why I'm awesome" take two:

Q: What was your reaction to your first Sonic Rainboom?
A: My reaction? A sweet combination of powerful adrenaline and just tons and tons of joy.
Not to mention pride. I mean, not only did I just win my first race but I did a Sonic Rainboom. I proved that they're real. I made the impossible happen!

Q: What is your favorite trick move?
A: Sonic Rainboom, duh!

Q: What amuses you most about your pranks?
A: Oh hehe, it's the look on their faces, definitely. I mean it's just PRICELESS, the pure shock as they stand there dripping wet or whatever.

Q: Which Daring Do book is your favorite?
A: Daring Do and the Griffins Goblet for certain. I mean, the part where she falls off that bri- Oh wait, I shouldn't spoil it.

Q: How would your life look if you lost the use of your wings?
A: Pretty bad really... I mean, sure I'd live and all, I can go without using them for a while but, never again? I'd go crazy!

Q: What is your favorite role as a pegasus?
A: My favourite role? Do you mean like my job as captain of the weather team? That's pretty much my role, to supervise all the other pegasus ponies on keeping the weather under control.

Q: What is the secret to your training and incredible speed?
A: Just keep on training, and stick too it. Lots and lots of hard training. Oh and talent. I've got lots of that too.

Tartarus: true vision or a dream?

We've just got a story of anonymous pony, who claims that he got into Tartarus, far beyond the gate, mostly guarded by cerberus. Our pony took an expremely strong potion,  which was causing very  deep sleep for some time. He did it near the river, which leads to the Tartarus. When  he finally woke up, he was lying in the boat, where a white pony with deeplyark eyes was taking him somewhere, but he didn't know it yet. It seems quite unbelievable, but our writer claims, that he somehow convinced guards, that his time had come. After long trip, he stopped at the other entrance of Tartarus, leading to main gates, guarded by cerberus. Our writer  claims, that he  got past him without any problems. Most importantly, he had a trial, even if he was still alive. We don't want to post every single, naty thing what our writer did in his life, or at least he say so,but let's just say, he deserved some sort of punishment.

After that trial, he was found guilty. But only pnishment was, that he need to apologize  for his bad behaviour. After that, he could enjoy his afterlife on the sunny island, where you can eat and play for eternity. He claims, that he don't want to go back. Now, it's a question for our readers. Do you really think, that you can behave as you like in your life, because when your time will come, you'll be happy anyway? What wait for us "there"?  Please, post to us your answers and those will appear in next issue.

Varien Quill's Open Letter

Greetings, my readers.

When I arrived to Ponyville, I was more than happy that I could start from the scratch again. Someponies probably remember, even my own sister, my reason why I had to leave lovely Manehattan. It wasn't because I just wanted to live in smaller community or such. I was running away from problems, huge ones. I accused famous, innocent pony of doing thing that he didn't do at all. I ashamed him, my work and myself. But more important is, I still didn't learned. as trying to get the scoop even here, in Ponyville. But here...you can't be anonymous writer, everypony knows you even a little. And I realized, that I can't sell stories and scoops made of tears of anypony else. That's why I'm deeply sorry. No more gossip collums, no more accusations. Only facts. I made a lot of mistakes, but I'll hange myself. I know that it will be very long and hard work to gain trust of each of you from scratch, but I'm prepared for it.

Yours truly, wannabe friend

Varien Quill


(( Issue made by Varien Quill, Almondflash and Sapphire night. IC and OOC comments, please write them below.))