"Weekly Pony" #3

In this issue, you'll find:

Daring Do's confession!

Are changelings around us?

52nd and Mane is back in business.

Interview with Jester, a suspect.

News from the hat




Daring Do's confession!



Everypony knows and loves Daring Do. Who doesn't? Idol of the colts and fillies. Best adventurer in whole wide world. Danger is her middle name. Every her single book in a bestseller, many ponies read them all. But when Vinmart came to Ponyville, something strange happened. One of waitresses is looking like Daring Do,exactly at her. You could say, that is only a trick, to get more customers. But her name and cutie mark fits perfectly, apparently. But how adventurer like her ended as normal waitress? She claimed, that's it only a coincedence, that she is sharing appearance with one of biggest idols in the world. But that claim changed few days ago.

First, she said her stories were made up, also she wanted to be in her stories, that's why those are "Adventures of Daring Do". But after long talk with our reporter, she changed that too.

The stories are actually true, all adventurers and dangers. Except one, vital thing. Primary, she wasn't alone. Secondary, that other pony was doing most of the hoofwork. They got many valuable treasures, but that was Daring Do who was in charge of the whole money. Apparently, she decided to write and publish stories about herself as Berverly Clearmane, but something went wrong. Hard covers of books were very expensive, so it's wasn't a best investment after all. Daring Do lost her money, had many debts. That's why she is a waitress, working hard to fix the things, wipe off the guilt, her mistakes. She confessed to everything. Maybe ponies will buy more of her books, knowing that those are true..in about ninety percent.



Are changelings around us?


Recent event in Canterlot, during royal wedding could raise very important questions. Are we truly safe now? If there's even one lone survival, how we could know how to recognize the real pony, from an appearance changing monster? Weekly Pony don't want to spread any panic in Ponyville, but it's quite easy to recognize. First of all, they are feeding on love. Taking from themselves, without sharing. It's a first hint, when our beloved don't give our affection back. But everypony can have bad day, so it can't be vital evidence of being changeling at all. Secondly, they apparently they can't copy the good which is inside us, mostly only our appearance and few unique abilities, but that's it. Still, you can't tell if somepony is changeling or not. Last, but not least, is something much more obvious. Changing appearance. So if ponies seen other one who changes his form, 'probably' it's a changeling. Still, someponies don't need to be changelings to change themselves. But, if that pony fits to all of three mentioned points, it's very probably a changeling. If that's so, alert authorities and he will be banished to place where it belongs.

Also, to all ponies. Some of you claims that queen of changelings returned to Ponyville. Don't listen to it, it's just truly impossible. She was banished, probably for the eternity. Just beware of her minions!



52nd and Mane is back in business.


Everypony in Ponyville rememberfatal incident in local restaurant, when whole floor collapsed itself, when also the owner broke his two legs. Ponies were wondering who caused it, but also if restaurant will be ever rebuilded. They didn't caught the culprit yet, but yes, 52nd and Mane is back! It's one of the rare moments, when after fatal strike, somepony is raising even greater and stronger. Even the restaurant, will have extra floor just for parties. Not only Pinkie Pie can start a huge party for everypony. Talk with the owner and organise one, for your friends and family. Remember, it's whole floor, just for you, during the party.

There's more, obviously. Thirsty customers don't need to wait anymore to be served, because of the extended bar and extra bantenders. Don't need to stay in line, because there will no be probably any. Also, prepare for the breakfast buffet every morning, take that many that you need in the moment. And if you think, that you tried every meal from menu, once per two feeks weeks will be special menu.

We asked, if owner is angry at the culprit. After all, it was opportunity to expand the restaurant. He replied. "Am I angry at that pony? ... Well I can be angry. I can choose to be angry, furious and devote my attention to seek retribution. However ... ponies depend on me. I built that restaurant from nothing but my sales from my soda product. I didn't use any of my family's money to get that restaurant built. And with that place, it gave new jobs, new revenue for the town, and most importantly a place for others to come to enjoy a taste of the big city in this wonderful small town... Its important to me. This is my way to promote camaraderie and fellowship. I always believed that sharing food and drink is the best way to promote such things and it brings a smile to my face when I see ponies enjoy what I have to offer them. So ... to answer the question... Yes I am angry but I decided that I rather spend my time doing something positive then to waste my time being negative."



Interview with Jester, a suspect.


Varien Quill: "First of all, why here? Which charges are against you, exactly?"

Jester : "Well, I'm being charged with multiple accounts of illegal gambling, racketeering, and money laundering. One account of tax evasion. One account of tampering with evidence. Those are all from years ago. And then recently added was evading arrest and harboring a fugitive. Though, it's not as if I wanted all this to come up here. Honestly, I thought it was done with and would remain in the past."

VQ: "So you was thnking 'the past is the past' all the time? Did you think that you'll repair your mistakes by recent actions?"

Jester : "I certainly hope so, I'm trying my best to be as cooperative as possible during these proceedings."

VQ: "Which of these charges are actually true? Can you tell more about them?"

Jester : "Unfortunately, I can't answer either of those questions. But I can say that my trial will be very short."

VQ: "You will confess to all of these crimes then?"

Jester : "No comment."

VQ: "Different subject. Which kind of business you was attending in the past? And you was doing it alone all the time?"

Jester : "While in Canterlot I made a living playing games, as it were. But here in Ponyville my primary source of income was working as Mister Regulus's private assistant."

VQ: "Playing games. There were any competitors which lost large sum of money to you?"

Jester : "I'm sorry, but no comment."

VQ: "What kind of games those were?"

Jester : "Card games, mainly. I usually had a preference for poker."

VQ: "Any particular reason why did you leave Canterlot?"

Jester : "Let's just say I was no longer welcome there. To stay would have been hazardous to my physical well being."

VQ: "Did mr. Regulus know of your past when make you his assistant?"

Jester : "Yes, he was made aware prior to my employment."

VG: "He was aware that you could have some problems about your past?"

Jester : "I wouldn't go that far. He may have had his guesses, but he couldn't have known."

VG: "So how he reacted when he heard about your arrest?"

Jester : "I can't say, I wasn't in town at the time. But when I did see him next he offered to cover bail and provide the best lawyers he had at his disposal."

VG: "Did you accept his help?"

Jester : "No I did not."

VG: "Last question. Do you regret any of this? Anything from your past or recent...?"

Jester : "I have done horrible things in my short life, but I no longer regret them. I would not be the stallion I am today had I not walked the path I did. Though the things I did were wrong, I will pay for my crimes."

VG: "Thank you for you patience."


Commentary: Apparently, mr. MojitoJoe proved, that Jester was doing only good in the past few years. Weekly Pony thinks, that everypony can fix their mistakes. And probably his good life should be enough to be forgiven. But during the trial we'll find out, if it's enough to be set free. Hope that justice will prevail.



News from the hat


Last week we almost learned the secret identity of The Fiddler, mysterious super-pony with questionable reputation. Almost, because without removing mask, shestood before some ponies, ready to say who he or she really is. It was quite surprising, shocking even when ponies hear the name – Iona Harmstring. But after that, Fiddler was almost caught by real Iona, so we couldn't find the absolute truth. Or maybe it wasn't Iona after all?

In other news, Fluttershy was found in one of the newest, fashion creation, made by Rarity. That creates a question: does she or does not miss the times, when she was building career of model? Next days will probably tell more about it.



Silver Badge diaries

Golden rooster. Part 1.


It was that day. The day that had to come. I was sitting in my office, gathering my thoughts. It was day to pay my rent, which was overdue enough. I needed any case, badly. Even if there's a missing at, I had to somehow rebuild my reputation. While drinking cold soda, I was getting more and more tired, so I closed eyes for a moment. Or at least I intended to.

I could sense something sugary. No, i really smelled that.She was like a mix of cotton candy, marshmallow and other sugary goods. She was smiling. No, that couldn't be described as smile. More like a very bad circus nightmare, when clown has awfuly large grin. Nonetheless, she offered a job. Which was more like idea how to get money, but still I could agree to her proposition or not. Looking around, I didn't have many choce, so I listened to her. It was about a "golden rooster" mysterious treasure which was leaving Manehattan very soon, to a "bad pony", as she called him like that. She also said, that I should start on the back of local restaurant, which was serving sea weed mostly. That case was ridiculous for me, but I had to try. Go to the restaurant and wait for the new events. Wonderful. Before I agreed, she was already gone. Like phantom, or shadow. I didn't have much time so I left the office. To be continued.





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OOC: Issue made by Varien_Quill. Illustration by Oni.

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