Winter wrap up!

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Tue, 2012-02-14 16:00 - Wed, 2012-02-15 20:00

Winter wrap up day have been determined! 

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18:33:07 icon.23Rainbow_Dash nods a little bit. "Oh yeah, Fluttershy, have you got any reports from the animals on when our Spring is coming yet?"

18:33:56 icon.50Fluttershy gives Rainbow_Dash a blank look for a moment, then widens her eyes. "O-oh! Yes!" Her cheeks turn pink as she opens the bottom half of the door to let the two in.

18:43:55 icon.23Rainbow_Dash follows along inside as well and nods to Fluttershy a bit. "Well, what's the news then?"

18:46:58 icon.50Fluttershy smiles meekly. "Oh, well, umm...the groundhog is out back..." She looks to her friends, then quickly moves across the room to grab her book and keep it out of view.

18:47:39 icon.23Rainbow_Dash nods and makes to follow along with Fluttershy then.

18:48:02 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle follows along!

18:49:55 icon.50Fluttershy puts the book away and motions to the back door. "This way..."

18:57:12 icon.23Rainbow_Dash follows along with Fluttershy and Twilight, and she leans her head to the side a bit. "How have you been anyways Fluttershy?"

18:57:32 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle nods softly and follows along the same as before!

18:59:16 icon.50Fluttershy goes to the other door and opens it, slowly steps outside, leading the way to the groundhog hole. "O-oh, well, umm...okay."

19:00:13 icon.23Rainbow_Dash nods a little bit, then sits on down and stares at the hole. "Just okay? Nothing interesting?"

19:00:44 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle trots along and watches. She does not actually know how this work, so she plans on copying notes. "This is going to be interesting..."

19:02:40 icon.50Fluttershy goes up to the hole and gently pokes her head inside, speaking with a slightly muffled voice. "H-hello, Mr. Groundhog? It's time to find out if Winter will last longer. Th-that is, if it's okay with you..."

19:04:31 icon.23Rainbow_Dash watches Fluttershy, then looks to Twilight. Then swishes her tail a bit impatiently.

19:04:43 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle start scribbling on the notepad in a frenzy while she observes the "ritual".

19:05:21 icon.50Fluttershy tilts her head and seems to be listening as the sound of squeaking can just barely be heard. She then lifts her head and lowers her ears. "O-oh, he, umm...he said he doesn't want to."

19:07:43 icon.23Rainbow_Dash blinks a little bit and leans her head to the side. "He... doesn't want to?" She remarks, looking a bit annoyed. "That isn't gonna be good enough for the weather team to make a move on..."

19:08:20 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle blinked, widening her eyes, it seem like she is a bit baffled. "Now what do we do?"

19:10:47 icon.50Fluttershy looks around quietly with a saddened expression and a sigh. "Oh, I'm so sorry...but I can't force him to..." She pauses and blinks as a squirrel suddenly tugs at her tail, causing her to turn around and lower her head to listen.

19:14:50 icon.23Rainbow_Dash blinks and watches Twilight, and then Fluttershy. "Well you know, Maybe I can... huh? What's going on Fluttershy?"

19:16:33 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle is still giving that baffled look at Rainbow_Dash, then at the little squirrel, and back to Fluttershy. Rather speechless at how silly this actually seem now that she get to witness it.

19:18:14 icon.50Fluttershy murmurs softly to the squirrel, which appears to be one of the flying variety. "Oh, are you sure? ...w-well, umm, okay." She then looks to her friend and smiles. "He would like to try."

19:21:48 icon.23Rainbow_Dash blinks a little bit as she leans her head to the side. ".... But It's not anything like a groundhog..." She remarks skeptically.

19:23:45 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle ahems. "Actually, groundhog.. scientific name Marmota monax, is a type of squirrel... quite similar to Flying squirrel."

19:24:30 icon.23Rainbow_Dash looks like she was about to object again... but says nothing to that.

19:25:30 icon.50Fluttershy nods gently to the flying squirrel and watches him take position by the hole. She watches him for a time, before listening closely as the critter chatters a bit.

19:30:31 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle watches closely, and scribbles away again anyway.

19:38:01 icon.50Fluttershy looks up after a while and smiles to Twilight. "He, umm...he says it will end next week..."

19:38:53 icon.70Twilight_Sparkle blinked. "Oh... Next week...! Great!" she cheers rather happily with a bounce. "Winter wrap up here we come!"


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