Winter Wrap Up!

It's here! Winter Wrap Up 2013! Say goodbye to winter and hello to a shiny new spring! We'll need everypony's help to clean up, so be ready and eager to help this weekend! New to ponyville? Ask Twilight Sparkle to fill you in about the event, she is the official organizer after all!

Winter Wrap up will be hosted March 23rd and finish on the 24th!

OOC: Hey ponies, sorry it's late! We're still going to have fun with it though, and I hope you can make it. The main event will be on saturday, but there will still be time to play on sunday if you can't make it! Spring can start anytime on sunday or monday, depending on how things go IC. There is a lot of work to be done after all. Feel free to PM me about this idea as well, if it worked or if it seemed to drag on too long. I'll take ideas or critique to heart.