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My name is CoolybutnotFooly but I am also known as MrRowboat. I'm a digital artist who hails from Lietram, Ireland but I live in the States. I'm a big fan of MLP, especially when it comes to art; it literally changed the way I view art and how I draw. As a matter of fact, it inspired me so much that it's virtually all I draw now.

I used to frequent many other websites and have even been a moderator/admin for many of them like Sheezyart, Deviantart and I even co-created Art9. A lot of these positions I've left within the last year due to me taking up a job and living in a place without internet (how is that even possible. Without internet? I must be some sort of cave pony.) but I still manage to upload art and now frequent fillydelphia which is my go-to place for fun.

When it comes to my art, I'm always learning and studying on how to improve and knowing new techniques. I also do plenty of commissions, so if you're ever interested in one, just let me know!

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Lavender Aroma

Posted by Lavender Aroma 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To CoolybutnotFooly

After some issue, yes, I am here. Though I don't know if I'll remember this site xD; I'll try!


Posted by Wick 9 years ago Report

<< Reply To CoolybutnotFooly

I can do a trade :) what did you have in mind??


Posted by SketcesPonie 9 years ago Report

<< Reply To CoolybutnotFooly

No problem ^^ I loved the piece

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