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Vinmart Moonstruck! (Incomplete) By Etheright -- Report

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I have just started college... This means I have less time to RP as well as work on projects that do not relate with my classes... As thus, thinking of the future, I'm not fully sure if I can finish this article although I'm pretty sure Cursive Virtue would have a loooonng time ago... In that sense, I will leave its incomplete version for you all to read JUST in case I never get back to it...

(Not that I ever plan to quit writing it... I'm just taking precautions on my hard work.)

If I truly never get done, I'll pretend that Cursive's full version was released a day before the trial in which Crystal Shard stands in court. To EVERY SINGLE PONY'S doorstep... you can thank Ms. Star Swirl for that--she's a magnificent pony. *Hugs*


A very special issue of the Weekly Pony regarding the Vinmart's demise and the Moon's fate hand-written clearly by Ponyville's newest journalist, Cursive Virtue.

"Vinmart Moonstruck!" is printed in the large bold letters in the header. A disturbing picture, angled of the mall in shambles, illuminated by a very tiny moon is adorned beneath the huge text depicts the scene.

The article entails a view from all sides of the incident and seems to have been refined and revised several times, even though some may notice that there are occasional ink blots along the boarder line. The report has an additional special block, a mini article, focusing only on Crystal Shard's interview... It seems to be--for the most part--fair in both the main and mini article, not claiming any personal opinions or assumptions... rather having the facts, the fiction, possible determinations of the general public, and opinions from the interviewees laid out for all to see. Within that format, the written work allows the reader to proliferate their own understanding of what happened that day and whom to blame, providing only information and the seeds of questioning. Though it may not truly prove Crystal Shard to be innocent or even do her complete justice, oddly enough, it does subtly portray Crystal Shard in a better light through its organization... even ending with an apology from her, directly to all wronged ponies... but very few should notice this unless they were directly involved and provided a significant role with the event.

The article's sole point was to provide the news as was its intention. Providing clear information on as much as Cursive could muster without being overwhelmed.

Other things the audience might notice are beseeching words from Joesph Regulus reasoning, "Crystal Shard is a friend of mine and let it be on record that I feel she deserves the best we, as a community, can offer her. I can forgive her for her part of this conspiracy... I hope that this town and our kingdom has it in their hearts to do the same. Whats important now is to rebuild and continue on." As well as his encouragement to the public to take action and become leaders. And a honored recognition of Wildheart for his heroic deeds and modesty.

In an editors note, on the bottom of the main article, Cursive gives some personal words to the citizens that he believes that Ponyville owes a lot to everypony who assisted in the crisis, specifically noting Joeseph Regulus and Wildheart, especially.

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Macabre Haze

Posted by Macabre Haze 10 years ago Report

Added to favorite cause its awesome even if it is incomplete.