“Planning possible Pageant preparation! Fabulous!”

We have a Minecraft Server! Go here if you want to join! 

Puzzles and Ponies has been updated!”

http://fillydelphia.com/g4/gallery/Sali "Art of OCs by our friend, Sali!"

End of Green Week 2015

It's over. Now clean up this mess.
I'm just kidding, hope you had fun this week! Now that the event has come to a close, we're going to start deciding who the winner is and award badges to everyone and special ones to those who participated the most. Please submit your scores to Celestia via PUB. Include all the relevent information. You may submit scores for multiple characters seperately or submit all your points for a single character. Just be sure to include all the information for each point.


Please submit your score by the 26th of July. Scores turned in later will get participation badges but won't be considerd for winning places.


When you've chosen the character you would like to have your badge made for, and have the total points sent to me please wait a few days so that all points can be tallied, and compared to each other. When the winners have been awarded, they will recieve their badges. All participants will recieve badges as well. If your characters don't have a picture yet, hoof it over to Pony Creator and get one or get a quick commission, since your badge would look very silly without one. Note: if you ever get personal artwork done at a later date, and want your badge updated, it won't be a problem!


Green Week 2015

Event Data: 
Mon, 2015-07-13 10:00 - Sun, 2015-07-19 10:00

Green Week LogoI love the smell of green dye in the morning.

Hope you like the colour green, and having lots of it all over your face because it's time for Green Week all over again!
The event will start on the 13th Of July from dawn and end on the dusk of the 19th of July.


What is Green Week?
This glorious event is a week long mayhem where participating ponies load up their water pistols and spray each other with generous amounts of green dye! Yup, that's it. Sounds like fun right? Of course it does.


How do I win?
Slow down there! Points are scored in this event not by spraying the most ponies, but by being sprayed by the most ponies.


But I don't like green dye!
That's not really a question but if you don't wish to participate in Green Week that's okay! Anypony is free to stay out of the madness. Only ponies seen carrying water pistols or wearing a green bandana will be considered participating and anypony else in the same boat is free to open fire!


(Read more)


Summer Sun Celebration 2015

Every year, at dawn on the longest day, Princess Celestia raises the sun publically with a festival as celebration. Once upon a time, this was to reassure her people, and remind them of her victory over Nightmare Moon, but no longer. These days, it is a happy and grateful reminder not only to the ponies of Equestria but to Celestia herself that Princess Luna returned.
It's also an oppurtunity to party all night with friends and watch the sun come up the next day. This year the Summer Sun Celebration will be once again held in the Hub of Ponyville, on the 21st. There will be free food and drinks, happily provided by the townsfolk of Ponyville themselves.
Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and also Princess Twilight all hope to see you there.

4th Anniversary Renovation!

Hey, everyone!


We know many of you enjoy roleplaying and story-telling here in the pony community, and Fillydelphia.com is one of the oldest (and we dare say, best) pony RP sites of this MLP generation.  Things have been a bit sleepy as of late, however, and we would really like to see some fresh faces around the site to help liven things up a bit!


Having recently celebrated our 4th Anniversary online, we wanted to commemorate it with something special!  So we’ve been hard at work to make the site even better than ever!


To this effect we’ve just upgraded the Live Roleplaying Chat to the newly updated C4 Chat System.  This allows better character customization and management, as well as a much nicer mobile interface, more sophisticated profile formatting, switchable character icons, and more!


In addition, we are currently undergoing major revisions to our site rules and policies to allow players more freedom in their character creation and interactions in the Live RP Chat.  This includes some of the new C4 features, such as a more robust interface that allows for tabbed private messaging and independant group chat creation.


Of course, we still believe in a safe and friendly roleplaying environment suitable for teens and adults, but we also want to give our members more creative leeway so that they are free to express themselves and their Equestrian creations to the fullest!  


We are interested in hearing your feedback and opinions, so feel free to contact us in chat or via the forums.  As always, the forums are available for introductions and forum-based roleplay, as well as general, pony and website discussion.  We also still have public galleries for all of our users where you can easily upload and share all of your pony-related art and creations.



If you would like to help us get the word out, please upvote this thread so that anyone who is interested has a chance to check us out!



If you would like to help us get the word out, please like and reblog so that your friends have a chance to check us out as well!



We hope to see you soon!



New chat version now in production use

New chat is now in production use. Please move all form of roleplay over there! 

Talk about it here http://fillydelphia.com/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1009



Sweet_Tooths sugar farm Now opening.

Hello every pony this is Sweet_tooth Announcing the Opening of my New sugar farm Located near the wilds on the edge of the farmlands. I Hove grow, harvest, grind and bag the sugar cane right here. Look for me at the pony market if your interested in buying some of my sugar cubes, rock candy, or just need a simple bag of sugar. I hope to see You ponies there. 

*Now hiring* 

Farm Hoof. Requirements capable of Harvesting and hauling sugar cane. And operating basic Machinery.

Winter Wrap Up 2015!

Event Data: 
Thu, 2015-02-26 20:30 - Sat, 2015-02-28 20:30

Well everypony, it’s been a long and cold Winter season, but the bears and badgers and all the animals of the forest are ready to shrug off the snow and come out of their holes, and I’m sure you are too!


That’s why it’s time to cap off the cold season with this years Winter Wrap Up!  


Starting on February 27th, TwilightSparkle will be organizing this year’s wrap up, assigning ponies to the different teams and appointing a team leader for each one.  The teams, as always, are Weather (blue), Animals (tan), and Plants (green).

If you want to be assigned to a team, send a letter to TwilightSparkle, or show up between Friday, February 27th and Sunday, March 1st at the Town Hall.  Assignments are first come, first served, so try and get in on things as soon as possible!

Round 2: New chat version testing

We are now testing the new chat, a there are no major breakthough, so we are mostly testing for stability and major issue. Feature will come later!

Talk about it here http://fillydelphia.com/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1009


Round two testing starts Feb 18th

Nightmare Night 2014

Event Data: 
Fri, 2014-10-31 18:00 - Fri, 2014-11-07 17:00

Something spooky is happening in Ponyville!


Nightmare Night has returned and all over town, fun and frightful signs of the season are emerging.  Decorations are appearing suddenly everywhere, and the ruins of the old abandoned Vinmart Building have been transformed into something mysterious and terrifying, the centerpiece to this year’s celebration...


“Outside it still looks like the wreck it is, but inside select areas are glowing with blue and green lights to make it look a little more eerie and give it a bit of depth. The windows are lit up, too, seemingly by candlelight and strange shadows pass them now and again.  Around the top, there appear to be dozens of actual ghosts mulling about.  From the top are strung streamers and lights and lanterns which reach down to the lampposts in the square making the whole thing seem like a bizarre carnival tent.”



Mushroom's Manehattan Mugs Official Opening Fliers

These fliers for Mushroom's Manehattan Mugs, located across

from the Town Mall,can befound posted all through out Ponyville!

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