“Planning possible Pageant preparation! Fabulous!”

We have a Minecraft Server! Go here if you want to join! 

Puzzles and Ponies has been updated!”

http://fillydelphia.com/g4/gallery/Sali "Art of OCs by our friend, Sali!"

Canon Character Policy Update #3 among other things

For a while we wanted to try and see how character sharing would work for the sake of getting characters used more often, but if anything it has proven detrimental. A lack of communication between CC players and a feeling of not really having a real grip on a character that's shared as well as seeing which characters were un-shared vs. those that were, has led us to conclude that sharing CC's is not going to be in the best interest of anypony. Folks that have them don't feel like playing them, and the community is often without them, which is something that needs to be changed for the better. From now on there will be only 1 player for canon characters that are mane cast. They can still have back up player, but only if the canon character wants backup. 


1st anniversary!

Event Data: 
Thu, 2012-04-19 00:00 - 22:00

 "Fillies and Gentlecolts, as Mayor of Ponyville, it is my honor to announce that on the nineteen of this month, it will mark our 1st Ponyville anniversary party! We will be holding a party at the town hall. Please, bring everyone!"



OOC: Yes!  logo2.gif will be one year old on April the 19th! We don't have a lot planned beside just a little bit of a contest

 "It will be the greatest day, ever!"      Well... sorta.


For ponies who doesn't know what this site is about:

Fillydelphia.com is a My little Pony Friendship is Magic roleplay site. You can take a peek at what we are talking about! We also have a 16 slot minecraft server. For a list of features, click here.


Hit the jump for Contest detail!

Rich's Barnyard Bargains Re-Opened!

A notice at the Town Hall Bulletin board: "Rich's Barnyard Bargains is re-opened for business after remodeling! Ponyville's number one grocery store awaits it's valued customers. Our prices are as low as they've ever been, and we hope to see the residents of our fine town soon. Mr. Rich himself would like to welcome his new competitors in this field, and may the best pony win!"

"Weekly Pony" #2

In this issue, you'll find:

- new threats of recents events.

- more about Rainbow Dash.

- Tartarus. Should we afraid?

- Open letter from Varien Quill himself.

Easter Egg Hunt!

Event Data: 
Sat, 2012-04-07 00:00 - Tue, 2012-04-10 18:00

As seem from here! It will start on Saturday, 04/07/2012, at 00:00 server time!

Anyway, we are going to run a easter egg finding contest! Mostly to add roleplay! We have a list of hinder (referees) here:

Shinula, Moon Star, OrionShadow, Obsidian, Macabre Haze, Twilight Sparkle

The specific room schedule here that we will try to monitor the best: 

April, 7th, Saturday April, 8th, Sunday April, 9th Monday April, 10th Thusday
SAA Library, Other Hub RA

Together, they hidden 59 eggs across Ponyville! 

You can see the tracker / hint list here

How does this work? Simply roleplay looking for eggs! The list is not hard set, if you made something funny, interesting, insightful, or just generally entertaining happen from finding egg, the referee can reward ponies with points (up to 3 point a day per finder)! At the end of this 4 days event we will sum it up and see how ponies are doing, and do some In character award thingy! It is mostly just for fun, so we will see! Hit the jump for details.

The Sports Emporium

Come one, come all, to the grand opening of the new Sports EmporiumFilled with everything needed to suit your sporting needs! It has footballs, soccerballs, basketballs, tennis balls, baseballs, raquets, shoes, sportswear, You get the drift! It will be located in the Twilight's Library and Surroundings area and will open at 20:30:00 server time on April 6th. Be sure to stop on by and shop! ((PUB my character Eliza for more details))

Fire At the Carousel Boutique

The blaze at Carousel Boutique flamed up suddenly, without warning. Is this the same sort of 'accidental' sabotage that occurred at 56th 52nd and Mane? or just a common household fire caused by an untended stove? The entire boutique would have burnt to the ground quite quickly had it not been for a few vallient ponies that saved the day. Thanks go to VarienQill, Rarity herself, Skyflys, PlatinumSpark, and GamePlan for their vallient helps in putting out the fierce flames. Also helping was OrionShadow, helping to clean up, and your correspondant, Almondflash. Nopony was harmed, but thousands of bits of damage were wrought. The downstairs was almost completely ruined, kitchen and boutique area. Hopefully, no more of these accidents occur any longer.

"Weekly Pony" first issue!

Ponies could see large, colorful cover of magazine. Portrait of hovering Rainbow Dash could be seen with huge Sonic Rainboom of the background.

Article of the week: Is Vinmart responsible of collapsed restaurant 52nd and Mane? Miss Chell who got recently arrested, was working for Vinmart? Who is mysterious pony who was probably seen near scene of the crime? Ponies are safe, when Vinmart and their employes are around?

Interview of the week: "Why I'm awesome" - small chit-chat with Rainbow Dash, captain of local weather team, dreamer who want to be a part of Wonderbolts. Her practices sometimes ends with random crashes.

Teatime with Rarity: This week, ponies will learn how do drink tea properly. Can unicorns use magic infront of earth ponies and pegasi? Also how to eat cheesecake on royal parties.

Surf Season is Back Baby

Event Data: 
Fri, 2012-04-06 16:00 - 20:00


Yo dudes and dudettes. With Winter Wrap Up wrapped up, warm weather is here again. And you know what's best in warm weather? Surfing. I'll bring the boards and make the waves, you just come down and have fun. Waves of various sizes will be available, so you can ride what you think you can handle. Any unicorns out there want to help keep the waves going, I'll show you what to do. Anypony who wants to volunteer as a lifeguard, please do. Hopefully we can make this a regular thing. See ya there!

Who: anypony and everypony

What: surfing, swimming, chilling

When: Thursday April 5th, 1600 chat time

Where: The lake over near Sweet Apple Acres

Why: not?

Ah guess Ah might have a minute or two ta myself. A'ight, pardner, let's talk...

Have yerself a seat. Yea, right there is fine. Ain't no bother ta me. I'm used to sittin' on hard ground, anyhow. *chuckles*

Ya wanna ask me about my homeland? Ah dunno... There's a lotta jabberin' that Ah could do about it, and Ah ain't really one fer...

Okay, okay! Sheeesh, friend, ya gotta way of convincin' a gryphon. Jus' stop givin' me them puppy dog eyes, little miss, and Ah'll get on with it.

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