“Planning possible Pageant preparation! Fabulous!”

We have a Minecraft Server! Go here if you want to join! 

Puzzles and Ponies has been updated!”

http://fillydelphia.com/g4/gallery/Sali "Art of OCs by our friend, Sali!"

If you can become a talking pony, would you do it?

No! Are you crazy?
5% (10 votes)
Yes! Pony all the way!
43% (80 votes)
Maybe if I can pick the race...
47% (88 votes)
Alicorn Princess? Sure, otherwise no.
5% (9 votes)
Total votes: 187

New rule revamp

After some debates, fairly heated one mind I add, I decided to just go forward and finalizes the revamp. 


 Make the chat as much like the MLP of the show (in spirit) as possible


This really haven't changed much, just included some older guidelines and finally update my interperation list and add it to the recommanded reading. Reformed, simplified, and in some way, added detail.

Discuss them here



Paige's Bookstore: Pages

Greetings! As some of you may know, and those of you who don't, my name is Paige. Recently, I've been finding that the Library doesn't have every book that I'm looking for and I usually have to order them from out of city. A little inconvenient for one who has a thirst for reading like myself. Needless to say, I decided to open up a bookstore within Ponyville called "Pages". This bookstore carries a variety of titles, authors and genres that appeal to everypony's interests. It even carries magazines and newspapers! From popular titles to new releases, Pages will carry just about everything that pertains to your interests. Perhaps there's not a title that we have in store for you? We can order that book for you!


Pages is located in the Hub; appropriate signage out front so you can't really miss it! If you do, it's located right next to the Hub center where the fountain is. If you don't know where that is, then Celestia help you.

Looking for Able DJ's

KickPulse and Pulse_Fire invite all able DJ's to come and meet up so we can plan a large consert for Ponyville.

If you are interested talk to either Kick or Pulse IC. We are open to all styles of electronic music.

Drum and Bass to Dubstep,

House to Hardstyle, and of course

Trance to Techtonic.... And Even a bit or Trap if you think you got the skill.

If non of us are there leave a PUB to KickPulse.

Must let us know by June 15th

Hope to see you.



Calling All Artistic Ponies!

A flyer can be seen posted upon the Town Hall Bulletin Board as well as on bulletin boards across town. In areas where a board is not readily available, brightly colored pieces of paper flap in the wind from tree trunks and fenceposts and other surfaces. It reads:

On Saturday, April the 27th, come and participate in the first-annual Ponyville Craft Faire! Located in the Hub of Ponyville and lasting all day long!

Artists! Show off your work and sell your pieces! Sell your pieces to tasteful buyers and rake in the bits! Drum up a boatload of publicity!

Art Lovers! See the art of dozens from right here in Ponyvillle! Buy all the art that you love for your own personal masterpiece collection! Meet the artists of your favorite works!

An all around, fun as hay festival for mares and gentlecolts of all ages!

Artists who wish to reserve a booth can PUB Wisteria or approach IC. Booth space is 15 bits per 10'x10' space, 20 for a physical booth already there to display art. All proceeds go to the Ponyville Elementary school.

Winter Wrap Up!

It's here! Winter Wrap Up 2013! Say goodbye to winter and hello to a shiny new spring! We'll need everypony's help to clean up, so be ready and eager to help this weekend! New to ponyville? Ask Twilight Sparkle to fill you in about the event, she is the official organizer after all!

Winter Wrap up will be hosted March 23rd and finish on the 24th!

[Brain Tease] Puzzles Competition/Tournament


The Event has been moved to March 22nd [15:00 server time] (Not to conflict with Winter Wrap up)

1. Gardien
3. Star_Light
4. Feather_Quill
5. Iona

Congradulations to our finalists!
Sponsored by The Press, 52nd and Mane and BonBon's Sweets

Brain Tease! Ponyville's first ever competition to prove the MIND can be just as strong as the body!
Do you feel like you can compete with lightning strike precision against the toughest of riddles?
Can you wrestle/unravel the toughest of clues to solve the puzzle
Can you over come the mental teasing to surpass what lies and plain sight!
Apply and flex your brain's potential!
However many will enter only the 5 top finalist will be selected to compete on the tournament stage (In the hub near the fountain)
pre-registration is open now, there's a box for submissions near the stage area in the hub (submit a PUB) or you can register on the spot the day of the event.
Best of luck!

Official Wonderbolts Academy Application for Entrance

Are you a flier?  How good are you?  Do you think you're good enough to join...


Winter Wrap Up is almost here, which means that the next round of cadets will soon be entering the
in a bid to become the next star of the skies and join the ponies in blue and yellow!

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Wonderbolt?
Do you have the enthusiasm?  The courage?  The sheer gastrointestinal fortitude?!

Well then, take an application below and fill it out for your chance at becoming one of the best fliers in Equestria!

(Please send all finished applications to Spitfire c/o The Wonderbolts, 1767 Cirrus Roost, Cloudsdale, EQU)

Not a pegasus?  No worries!
Positions in the Magus Corps are always available!  Visit the Student Office at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns for details!

Lacking wings and cranial protrutions?
You don't need any of that to be the best you can be!
Visit your local chapter of the Equestrian Rangers today to find out how!

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