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Just an idea to get the ball rolling.

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Just an idea to get the ball rolling.

Postby Oni_Sorasousha » Mon May 02, 2011 10:11 am

Here's where you can do some roleplays. Usually your first topic will set a theme such as "In ponyville" or "in (whatever)" Don't feel like you're restricted to Equestria. you can do whatever you want. Ponies in Space, Ponies in the Wild West, Ponies in the Jungle, or the Far east. Whatever you can think of is fine. After a setting is made, it's up to the thread creator to decide what kind of profile or whatever might be required for the roleplay (After all, you might have more than one pony you want to play.) You can also feel free to use a canon character even without the forum name. It's all good! :mrgreen:
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