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RWBY themed private roleplay, character creation.

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RWBY themed private roleplay, character creation.

Postby MrPip42 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:36 pm

For Shine, Beat, Razor_Breeze, Midnight_Fire and Dragonshy.

EDIT: THANKS TO SHINE, I am revamping this with some new guidelines. I also will be adding some info I neglected mention since I am A COMPLETE AND UDDER DUMB***.
Character creation:
So the first thing we are doing is creating characters. So I have a basic idea down for the 5 people joining me on this roleplay.
First off, no unicorns, at all. I'll allow some abstract species as well but absolutely NO unicorns. It will be explained in detail why not another time but for now know that no unicorns are allowed. If you want a special species ask me about it in chat. Any species that does not equal Pony = Fauna, it is up to you to decide. You don't have to ask me to be one of the following: Deer, Zebra, Gryphon.
Everything about your character is up to you, personality, looks, history(EDIT: This is still mostly up to you, but I would recommend making your character a student at Signal or another Hunter/Huntress academy beforehand. As it would help. OR make it so that ponies would have a reason to take an interest, will explain below.), etc. However they have to be capable of being in Vale at the start of the roleplay. Clothing is recommended but optional.

Last is stats, mostly these stats will be for combat purposes only. To help keep in control of everypony during battle. Any enemy you face will have hidden stats as well you have to combat against.

Stats would be ATK, DEF, SPD, STR.

ATK(Attack) is your ability to hit your opponent. At 10 pts in ATK you get a +1 bonus to hit rolls, at 13 you get +2, and at +16 you get +3.

SPD(Speed) is your ability to dodge your opponents attacks, and will also determine your place in Battle turns. At 10 you get a +1 bonus to dodge, at 13 you get +2.
In Battle Turns, the highest SPD gets to go first, while the lowest goes last.
((UPDATE; SPD can go to 16. However that will only go to battle turns. You can only have a +2 bonus to dodge.))

DEF(Defense) is your ability to block an incoming attack. If an opponent get's past your SPD, they have to go up against your DEF. This also determines how much health you get. Same rules apply, 10 = +1, 13 = +2.
((UPDATE: DEF can go up to 16. However that will only upgrade your health. You can only have up to a +2 bonus on DEF. If you want your character to wear a specific piece of armor to upgrade the bonus that is fine, but doing so will slow down SPD))
At 10, 13 and 16 you get +5 health respectively. Your base health will always be 15.

STR(Strength) determines how hard you hit. Or what dice roll you will use. The base dice roll will be 1d10, at 10 it will be 1d12, at 13 it will be 1d14 and at 16 it will be 1d16.

It is good to note that the opposite applies to all stat boosts. At 7 you get a -1 in any stat, at 5 you get a -2 and at 3 you get -3, at 0 you are incapable of using the stat at all. For STR it will be 1d8 at 7, 1d6 at 5 and 1d4 at 3. You won't do any damage ever at 0.

You will start off with 8 in each stat, and should look like this before any stats are upgraded.

ATK: 8
SPD: 8
DEF: 8
STR: 8

You will have 10 points to spend in stats, and you can take away/ give points to any stat. All up to you. The limit to your stats will be 0-16. You won't go any higher or lower than the limit.

Other things, such as charisma, intelligence, etc will be dealt with more by roleplay than dice rolls. The better you act out your character or show more intelligence I will give more bonuses in the specific skills. These don't have to be written down.
Now for an important part.

Weaponry, mostly weaponry will be for coolness/roleplay purposes. However if allowed you can exploit your weapon's advantages, which will be situational and benefits will depend on the situation. You have to stay with one theme for your weapon, and yes you can have a gun mixed in. I will judge the weaponry personally and if I see it as too overpowered I will ask for you to change it up.
(EDIT: Shine did bring this up, you ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE EQUIPMENT AS WELL. However it has to be practical and not powerful. Like spare dust or a rope. Not a huge friggin mech.)

Next up is Semblance, it is completely up to you to choose what the power is and how it is activated. Note that Semblances are not activated manually, but actually need to be triggered. (As an example, Yang's Semblance activates when taking massive amounts of damage, then being capable of dishing it all back out). Your Semblance is capable of stat boosting up to 2 stats for +3-+5 points. To last around 3 turns before deactivating. Which then you will get a -1 to whatever stats were boosted. (EDIT: The +3-5 actually is meant to add onto any rolls, NOT onto your complete stat. If you had 10 in SPD and got Semblance boosted with +5 you would get a +6 in any roll you have.)

Last, but not least, is explaining battle situations.
First thing I want to talk about is turn order, or Battle turns.
The first person to attack in a battle always goes first, doing his/her attack first before beginning battle turns. Battle turns = SPD stat, the highest speed stat will go first while the lowest goes last. You are allowed to do anything while it's your turn, if it is not your turn all you can do is speak.

Let's say it's your turn, and you are going to attack Generic Enemy #1. You would go ahead and first roleplay that you are moving in to attack, once doing so both the attacker and the person getting attacked will roll a 1d20. The attacker rolling a 1d20 in ATK(adding in any bonuses/decreases) and the person getting attacked rolling a 1d20 in SPD(adding bonuses).
If the ATK roll is higher than the SPD roll, then the ATK moves to the enemy's DEF. Which then the attacked has to roll a 1d20 once again for DEF(including bonuses). If the DEF ends up higher than the previously rolled ATK, then the attack is blocked. If not the attack moves to a damage roll. Rolling whatever dice their STR says it's at.
Once the rolls are done, both sides will go ahead and roleplay out what happened. The winner of the dice roll posting before the loser. After all of that the next turn is made.

ALRIGHT, now that's all over with. I'll also add on a small tidbit of the story I should have added beforehand. I'm a dumb*** I know but this will help set it up.

"Hello [insert name here], I am Professer Ospin of Beacon Academy. We have recently learned of some of your feats in [insert town/school here], and we have to say we are impressed. For this we would like to speak to you at 433 West Road in Vale. A small Dust Shop might I add run by a friend of mine. I would like to personally speak with you and the others who will be with you there. Hopefully I will see you all there.


*On the bottom is a small seal, containing the Symbol of Beacon Academy. This may be worth going to.*

And that's it. Hope this is enough to go off of.

Any and all characters made and used for this RP campaign are NOT to be used in regular chat rooms at any point for any reason even after the campaign is over. -Shine
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Re: RWBY themed private roleplay, character creation.

Postby sweetpops99 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:11 pm

Wow, this seems really, really cool! I'm not an expert at fighting RP, but I'll do my best cause this seems awesome.
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Re: RWBY themed private roleplay, character creation.

Postby Shinula » Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:41 pm

Wrong section. Thread moved to Out of Character board.
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Re: RWBY themed private roleplay, character creation.

Postby MrPip42 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:04 am

Dernit Shine! Thought it was right ;-;.
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Re: RWBY themed private roleplay, character creation.

Postby Love2love » Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:29 pm

Good information, thank you.
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Re: RWBY themed private roleplay, character creation.

Postby Jenapato » Mon May 07, 2018 12:20 am

I love it so much If it is useful and knowledgeable, then this is my first place to come.
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