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Re: Video Games

Postby Pseudo-Fyre » Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:39 am

If you're into strategy, I'd definitely recommend any game from the Total War series. It has one of the most realistic real-time battle features of any other game in the genre. Also, Civilization 5 is flamtastic. Very intellectually challenging and replayable.
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Re: Video Games

Postby Ayame_ExGoddess » Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:06 am

Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Seriously, it's taking over what little life I have!
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Re: Video Games

Postby Kiwi » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:18 pm

Command and Conquer, Tiberium Wars 3 - 4. 'No one can stop Mr. Domino' PC version. Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm. Dementium 2. Elder Scrolls Online (when it comes out!). Pepsi Man! Is always a classic for me.
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Re: Video Games

Postby Nightwatch » Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:16 am

starcraft 2, Mechwarrior Online, World of Tanks/Warplanes, a little Warframe, Fallout: New Vegas.
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